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Parent Survey (Get 10% Off)

Hey Mom and Dad.

We're glad you stopped by this page.  We really want to match the childcare needs of today's family. These are questions that many providers feel uncomfortable asking but really need to know. By taking a few minutes to fill out this survey, you will be giving  us an idea of what you need from us as we care for your children. 

This survey is completely anonymous. You will never be asked your personal information. Your individual answers will not be shared. We have absolutely no idea who answered what. Give the answer that reflects the way you truly feel. There is no pressure to sign up for anything

We take every answer into consideration for trying to meet the greater needs for childcare.

Would you be willing to pay more for childcare that has a small group of children?
How many children do you think 1 provider should be caring for at one time?
How important is it that the daycare provider have a degree ralated to childcare?
I would only take my child to a provider with a degree.
The provider should at least be working towards a degree.
It doesn't really matter.
How important is it that the daycare be licensed?
Licensed is the only choice for my family.
Not necessary if I know my children are well taken care of.
Which would you prefer your daycare to be closer to?
Closer to work.
Closer to home.
How important to is it that your childcare provider teaches preschool skills to your children while at daycare?
Very important.
It would be nice but not expected.
How much do you think is a reasonable amount to pay for a high quality childcare program?
$200 -$185 per week
$184 - $150 per week
$149 - $120 per week
$119 - $100 per week
$99 - $65 per week
What is your current annual median household income?
$10,000 - $25,000
$25,000 - $35,000
$35,000 - $45,000
$45,000 - $55, 000
$65,000 - $75,000
More than $75, 000
What is your family setting?
A two parent home.
Single parent
If you are searching for childcare, what age are your children?
Expecting soon
6 weeks - 1 year old
1 year - 2 years old
2 years - 3 years old
3 years - 4 years old
4 years - 5 years old
6 years - 10 years old
Which do you perfer for childcare?
Home daycare
Nanny service
Childcare center
What child care environment would you prefer?
Mixed age group (Ages may range from newborn to schoolaged.)
Setting where children are separated by age. (Infant room; toddler room; preschool room)
Thank you for completing this survey. This helps us to improve childcare and provide families with a satisfied experience. 

Submit this form to be redirected to the Contact Us page.

If you are interested in the possibility of enrolling your child/ren with us,write down the Survey code and give it to us when calling for an interview to receive 10% off.

Once this form is submitted the survey code will be found at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

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